Duncan Dance for Children

Instructor: Mary Sano

Classes are arranged according to the age of children.

Age 3 to 6:

Pre-Duncan plus Duncan choreography, 45 min.

Age 7 & up:

Basic Duncan dance technique and choreography, 60 min.

Please contact us by email info@duncandance.org to register for our next session.


Please call or email for more information for enrollment and available classes.


“Let us first teach little children
to breathe, to vibrate, to feel,
and to become one with the general harmony
and movement nature.
Let us first produce a beautiful human being,
a dancing child.”
Isadora Duncan, 1909

Mary Sano has been performing and teaching Duncan Dance since 1981. She is a protégée of Mignon Garland, founder of the Isadora Duncan Heritage Society. She established the Japan branch of the I.D.H.S. in 1983. She holds a Master of Arts in Dance from Mills College.

Sample Classes:

Your child is welcome to participate in a sample class prior to registering to see how they feel about it. Should you choose not to enroll after your child tries the class, there will be no charge for the class.


Basic strap leotard with footless tights under the tunic Barefoot dancing, no shoes required.
*You can pick up the information ‘How to make Duncan Tunic’ at the Studio.